No Emotion at Grady?

As I sat outside of Grady, I sat at the outpatient entrance. everyone who walked in didn’t have ecstatic emotions on their faces, it was more of a monotoned feeling. The Caucasian lady with the purple shirt walked past me seemed as if she had no emotion going into the hospital.

As I sat there not a lot of people walked past in total there welre 56 people who passed me. A lot of them were families. Mostly older people I didn’t see a lot of younger people walking in. There were mostly older people walking in around the ages of 30-60.

Taken by Mark Goebel

Most of the things I saw were families entering and no more than that but overall many people didn’t show emotion going in which was weird I heard no laughs or giggles. It doesn’t surprise me since it’s a hospital.

When it comes to the architecture of the Grady Hospital, I feel as if it has nothing to do with the emotion of the people coming into the hospital . The atmosphere overall is everything!

The emotion is everything !


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