As I sit outside

As I sit outside of Grady Hospital, I notice many things. The architecture of Grady Hospital is exactly what i expected of a hospital. That is why I focused more on the atmosphere of Grady rather than the architecture. The atmosphere had a weird feel to it like any other hospital .

The outside of the hospital was very quiet, maybe I was just sitting in the wrong part, I was sitting outside of Outpatient Services. The many different people who walked in were not as emotional as I had imagined.

But when I went in ….

When you first walk in you see the outpatient registration desk I went around 6 p.m when there was no one at the desk at the time, to my right I saw elevators to go to many different floors. There was a quiet and calm aura when I walked in. The place was so clean and dustless. The colors on the wall were so bland.

I sat in the room for hours and only saw a total of 23 people pass me by .

Grady Hospital credits to Business Wire


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