photo taken by Pam Calvert

When it comes to Atlanta, it is a visiting grounds for a lot of people around the world. Atlanta can get 42 million visitors a year (2012). Not only is Atlanta a great place for tourist, there is also a pretty high population of 463,878(2015).

photo taken by Brett Weinstein
Fast Moving City

From life experiences I’ve learned that when people move to Atlanta its for a specific purpose. Me personally, I moved here to attend school and to see more things, have more opportunity which personally I have had. Atlanta is a fast moving city so there is not much stopping to appreciate the city we live in.

When you think about Atlanta one thing that comes to mind is what can I do and I do not know about you but one of the first things I think about is shopping. As I’ve stayed in Atlanta for about a year one thing I can say I’ve accomplished is going to all the shopping malls and being the places where all of the tourist is attracted to.

When it comes malls, the place a lot of visitors end up at is the Peachtree Center. While the Peachtree Center is not just for shopping as to why so many visitors find themselves there, it is also known for business spaces and places to stay.

How does the architecture and design of the Peachtree Center have an impact on consumers and visitation of the district?