History of The City

Atlanta was discovered in 1836 as it was a city apart of the Western and Atlantic railroad line. In 1839 homes and stores were starting to be built there. Atlanta immediately became a pretty popular railroad city in the South.

During the Civil War, Atlanta became the target of a major Union campaign, an din 1864 the city of Atlanta was set on fire ruining the city’s assets and buildings.

Not shortly after the war the population grew rapidly, where as manufacturing did also. Atlanta was a hub for Civil Rights Movement.

Lee Coursey – The Skywalk

The Peachtree Center was later created by architect John Portman in the early 1970’s. It was intended to become the new downtown Atlanta bit instead it was known as a distinct district. The Peachtree ┬áCenter is known for it’s famous modern architecture.

By the 1980’s, The Peachtree Center was known as a place for hotel conventions considering the many hotels they have there. Many people claimed that the Peachtree Center is “disorienting, killed downtown street-life, and disregarded the existing urban context”

Even though The Peachtree Center district is very popular today it was not always ideal for Atlanta Residents.