Peachtree Center a magnet for tourist

Rashid, M. (1997). Precedings: Volume 1. Complex Building
Mahbub Rashid, a professor at Georgia Institute of Technology at the time of the writing, now a professor at University of Kansas, wrote a volume on Complex Buildings including The Peachtree Center which describes the architectural thinking and capability of creating The Peachtree Center. He goes to review the spatial configuration and the use of space syntax techniques and its effect of the distribution of how densities of pedestrians move throughout the Peachtree Center. The purpose of this text is to provide an explanation as to why the center is a magnet for tourists visiting Atlanta because of architectural design. The intended target audience would be architects looking to learn why Peachtree Center gets so many visitors and also professors or students studying architecture. The author of this article showed evidence by interviews and direct pictures of the design of the peachtree center. The main point was to let intended readers know how the architecture of the Peachtree Center.

Photo taken by Theodore Lee “Tunnel of Diffraction”

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