Experience of The Atlanta Streetcar

Sounds : bell rings when the streetcar come, its looks like a long train, there’s a lady speaking saying the intercom “Welcome to the Atlanta Streetcar”. I hear people talking and laughing on the streetcar and the lady on the intercom announcing every stop and when to clear the door and exit.

Color : Overall the streetcar was mostly green and blue. The seats were blue. The railings were silver.


Experience of The Atlanta Streetcar

As I arrive to the stop of the Atlanta Streetcar at the stop of Auburn at Piedmont there was a silver railing starting as to where it would lead to the stop which had rectangular shapes and it was precisely an 8 ft walk from the beginning of the rail under the hooded area of the Streetcar stop. When I arrived there was first a machine I noticed it had a silver backing with a screen called a marquee sitting in the top. The screen of the marquee was black with red letters reading “Welcome to The Atlanta Streetcar”. Below the marquee was information on what tickets you needed to get. The sign had the white text of “tickets” going sideways with t starting at the bottom. The word tickets was all caps on a coral background in a small rectangle. Next was a section that read the the word Purchase, Fares, and Reminders all in different sections separated by rectangles with a lime green background while the letters were white. Each section had a description under it. ¬†Under the sign would be actual screen as to where you buy your ticket to the Atlanta Streetcar. The screen had a black background with orange letters on it. The machine had buttons to choose options on the screen such as A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J. With a huge silver button that read on the top in all caps CANCEL. The silver button was surrounded by red outlining. The screen and the letters A-J were all on a black background in a rectangular shape. The rest of the machine had different shades of blue mostly baby blue. As you look more at the machine below the black rectangular shaped thing I describe earlier was letters that were started with a downward facing triangle, the letters said bank card in all caps. Below those words was a gray square the was inverted into the machine reading numbers 0-9 in black color. Next tot he inverted square there was a skinny rectangle with two black sections coming out from it below was a sign on how to use a bank card on a grayish blue background. Next to was a pretty big rectangle with the all caps white letter reading “tap card” the words started by an upside down triangle pointing to a circle that reads “breeze”. Next to that rectangle was another differently shaped rectangle

that was a dark blue color that read “Atlanta Streetcar” with the word Atlanta in a green color with Streetcar in white with both word being all caps locked but in a very small font.

When the streetcar arrived I heard two loud dings like a bell was ringing it came on two tracks the streetcar was pretty long. The streetcar stopped and the there was a green button to push in order for the for the doors to get on the streetcar. I hear the streetcar against the railroads, the words “Welcome aboard the Atlanta Streetcar” “Door closing, please watch your step” I hear many different type of people laughing and talking. A women like voice coming over the intercom “please watch your step, you have arrived at Woodruff Park, next stop Peachtree Center” There were many stops such as Carnegie at Spring and Centennial Park. On the train I see 56 seats that are silver with a soft blue carpet like texture. There are 22 silver rails onto which you can hold. There were 15 people on the streetcar when I got on. I saw orange lights flashing whenever the streetcar would stop and the doors were closing. I see a black marquee screen with red writing saying “Thank you for riding the Atlanta Streetcar” I see four handicap seats in all. I see an emergency exit handle right next to the door in a clear window which states “Emergency door release”.


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